• super fast - for hard materials
  • self-cooling when used for dry cuts
  • very long service life
  • the transparency of the discs while cutting makes it possible to control the opposite cut edge
  • excellent cutting performance
  • high frequency-laser welding

Ø 115 - 350 mm

granite, concrete, reinforced concrete, roof tiles, hard clinker, medium hard clinker, aggregated concrete, general purposes

Master Drive Turbo

  • High performance disc for stone and concrete
  • Self-cooling when used for dry cuts
  • Very long service life

High frequency laser welding

Ø 115 - 625 mm

natural and artificial stone, granite, brick, reinforced concrete, clinker, dry wall, ceramics



  • special construction
  • alternating segments

Ø 300 - 400 mm

Granite and hard stone, very hard clinker and all hard materials

SC 725

  • Short tooth alternating segments with high diamond concentration

Ø 250 - 900 mm


any hard stone, granite, porphyry, hard clinker.


  • short tooth segments
  • alternating segments.
  • cooling holes

Laser welding

Ø 115 - 400 mm

Concrete, granite, hard clinker, reinforced concrete, building material

D 960 PLUS

  • Considerable reduction in noise
  • self-cooling when used for dry cuts
  • reinforced steel core
  • very long service life

Ø 115 - 350 mm

Natural and artificial stone, reinforced concrete, roof tiles, drywall, ceramics, aggregated concrete, granite.

Professional tool for roofers!

DIEWE for pro users

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