Zakko Plus

  • Universalsägeblatt
  • HM-bestückt
  • Sehr hohe Standzeit
  • Weniger Werkzeugwechsel
  • Gratfreier Schnitt
  • Feinste Schnittbreite, kein Verhaken, keine Nacharbeit

Ø 160 - 250 mm

Holz, Kunststoffe, Rohre, Profile, Blech, Kupfer, Kupfer, Messing, Aluminium, Verbundstoffe.
Für Handkreissägen und Kappsägen (nicht für Winkelschleifer!)



  • universal saw blade
  • carbide-tipped teeth

Ø 160 - 250 mm

wood, plastic, pipes, profiles, sheet metals, copper, brass, aluminium, combined plastic
for hand circular saws and cross-cut saws only (not suitable for angle grinder!)


  • no correction
  • no reworking
  • burr-free cut
  • finest cut
  • no change of tool

Zakko slow

  • cold circular saw blade

Ø 305 - 355 mm

for metals like: soft steel, flat and angle iron, pipes,sheet metal, non-ferrous metal, plastic coated materials

For machines commercially available makes:

  • dry cut-off saw
  • cold circular saw
  • dry cutter


  • universal saw blade

Ø 150 - 700 mm

wood with inclusions (as nails, clip, formwork, concrete leftovers), Yton, heraclitus, clipboard, fittings, plastics, acrylic glass, thermo-facade, aluminum profiles, eternit


  • carbide-tipped teeth
  • brand safe
  • reduction in noise
  • powerful cutting
  • high durability


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