Premium quality from DIEWE – the secret to our success

What makes diamond tools from DIEWE so exceptional? To answer this question, we need to consider the entire process chain from the initial idea to development, production and application by the customer.

At DIEWE, we have been developing tailored diamond tools of the highest quality for customers in a wide range of industries for over 40 years. Thanks to our close contacts and our in-depth market knowledge, we always keep pace with our customers – this allows us to develop precisely the diamond tools which are sought after on the market.

Over the years, we have succeeded in developing the right tool for each area of application and bringing a huge variety of products to the market. Owing to our strong customer focus, we are also highly flexible and able to develop suitable tailored solutions for special requirements at any time.

Creating premium products through research and innovation

Our pursuit of better and better products is what drives us here at DIEWE. Our ongoing research and innovation allows us to continue setting new benchmarks for diamond tools. We understand that customers have different needs when it comes to the quality criteria of tools depending on the application. Our product range therefore features products of varying quality standards – this allows us to always offer our customers the tool with the optimal value for money.

The raw materials for the production of our diamond tools are carefully selected and procured from renowned manufacturers. We exclusively use top-quality synthetic diamonds and consistently ensure high quality standards at our globally unique testing centre.

Offering our customers added value – innovations from DIEWE

Providing added value to our customers is DIEWE’s main focus when we develop diamond tools. Through our extensive research and development work, we were able to develop – among other things – the first blades with the innovative cooling effect. The advantage: unprofitable cooling breaks become a thing of the past, tool life is significantly lengthened and productivity increases noticeably in production. Higher cutting speeds and optimised tool use are added bonuses to this positive effect.

Universally usable diamond tools also enable our customers to significantly decrease the amount of required tool replacements, thus increasing productivity. 1.5 million cutting blades sold in the SUPER PREMIUM segment speak for themselves and highlight DIEWE’s commitment to quality. Innovations such as titanium-coated diamond grain and noise-reducing hole patterns have set new standards in the market and provide exactly what our customers need.

Before leaving our facilities, every batch of diamond tools is carefully compared to the prototype via manual inspection as well as a testing robot. We thus ensure they meet our quality requirements and that our standards remain consistently high.

The secret to our success – maximum customer focus

The secret to our success lies largely in our strong customer focus. Quick, effective ways to handle application issues and consultation requirements enable us to be highly sensitive to our customers’ needs. Thanks to our high storage capacity and outstanding cooperation with reliable parcel services, we can ensure on-time delivery.

Our employees are the foundation of our success at DIEWE. As an established training organisation, we start early when it comes to training the best personnel according to our own quality standards. We support continuous education and always provide our customers with fixed contacts with years of experience.