Our quality management – the foundation for high-quality diamond tools

When it comes to the quality of our diamond tools, we make no compromises. To ensure that our products always meet our own high standards and our customers’ requirements, quality management is of the highest priority at our company.

The DIEWE quality assurance system was independently certified according to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard and highlights our commitment to quality. Through the certified establishment of processes, measures and objectives for ensuring consistent high quality, we make sure that all employees understand the importance of this aspect.

Our state-of-the-art testing laboratory for quality and endurance tests

In our state-of-the-art quality assurance laboratory, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards through extensive quality and endurance tests. The laboratory, which is specially designed for quality assurance, allows us to check each batch for quality before delivery with the aid of a cutting-edge robot.

The robotics specialist KUKA’s KR125/2 test robot is able to simulate realistic test conditions and perform detailed tests on key quality aspects such as cutting speed, noise generation and wear. On the basis of these test results, we are able to continuously check the quality of our diamond tools and drive a continuous improvement process. To ensure the highest level of independence, we also have our products inspected for compliance with EN 13236 safety standards by external and neutral material testing institutes.

Continuous improvement as the foundation to our success

At the heart of our quality management system lies the continuous improvement process. Under the direction of a quality manager, we not only analyse and remedy mistakes through suitable measures. Through regular internal audits, we highlight the importance of quality management within the business and achieve consistent progress.

Defined standard processes and the regular preparation and evaluation of quality reports form the framework for the new and further development of products. At the same time, we produce detailed complaint statistics and use them to constantly improve our diamond tools. However, quality management is by no means limited to internal company processes. Even when selecting our material suppliers, we attach great importance to a detailed evaluation and carry out significant, comprehensive sourcing.