Christmas surprise: Our new Website

Merry Christmas! We have chosen the contemplative time to publish our new website. After all, the internet once again showed that six years can be a damn long time. And it was about time to change things.

The desired change was difficult due to an outdated basic framework, which is why the new was built and designed from scratch. In doing so, we rely on a modern look that is intended to appeal to as many different groups of visitors as possible. So that the general overview is not lost, we have come up with a special menu: Every content page and every product category can be reached with just one click. Gone are the days of confusing navigation mazes.

Mobile users will notice it, too: now feels comfortable. Our new website is completely responsive, so it adapts to screen size and resolution. By doing so, we ensure that no device is excluded from our content.

Speaking of content. Before the start, we thought about how to make our website more informative. We then decided to write downhow we achieve absolute premium quality. However, achieving a high quality level is one thing, keeping it is the other. That is why we dedicate a detailed information pageto our quality management. Obviously, the way to get there is also important, so we briefly explainour company history once again. And last but not least, on the fourth information page, we tell you why you should definitely use diamond tools.

Now it all sounds like we are confining ourselves to static info pages. But that is exactly what we aim to avoid. Our side shall develop a certain dynamic and change again and again. In the future, we will provide detailed information on new products and the latest developments around DIEWE. In addition, we will continue to work on our product pages over the next few months and provide more images as well as more detailed descriptions.

Since simply providing information is not enough, a wide variety of contact options round off our new website. Whether there are general questions about the company, a user is looking for the nearest specialist retailer or a tool provider realises that DIEWE absolutely has to be in the product range – our contact forms are the direct link to us.