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DIEWE – traditional company with a high level of innovation

At DIEWE, we have been developing high-quality diamond tools which meet the highest requirements and are used internationally for over 40 years. Over the years, our tools have earned an outstanding reputation and are now held in high regard across industries. From trade to industry, craft and even DIY specialist trade, diamond tools from DIEWE are cherished for their excellent quality.

The secret to our success lies in the continuous development and highly innovative nature of our products. Through continuous research and development work as well as close contact with our customers, we are able to keep developing the diamond tools needed by customers from an array of industries.

1975 to today – from a one-man operation to a globally renowned specialist

In 1975, when Johann Dietmair founded DIEWE in his peaceful home town of Asbach, nestled between Munich and Augsburg, as a one-man operation, he couldn’t have foreseen the story of success his company would unfold. From the very beginning, this entrepreneur focused on stable partnerships and a strong customer focus with outstanding services.

The clear strategic orientation with a focus on specialist retail quickly paid off: the company kept growing and made a big jump in sales in the mid-1990s owing to the development of a professional field sales team. The company also invested in its own training space for specialist retailers, thus increasing the awareness level of its high-quality products.

With the construction of its own test area toward the end of the 90s, DIEWE established an absolutely unique selling point in the fields of quality assurance and quality control. This test area ensured that the products always met the company’s own high quality standards as well as the customers’ requirements.

DIEWE’s story of success continued to unfold after the turn of the millennium. The company added machine sales to its portfolio and began also to make a name for itself with table saws, angle grinders and electrical cutting machinery. In order to raise its awareness level, the company also acquired a mobile presentation vehicle for in-house exhibitions and information booths.

In 2014, it finally happened. the company’s home of Asbach became too small for the ever-growing business, so DIEWE moved to Kissing. During the move, the company was able to further professionalise and digitise processes within the business, particularly with regards to logistics. Chaotic warehousing with automatic, intelligent route finding per picking process, a constantly trackable production route as well as daily pick-up by two shipping partners and various forwarding companies laid the foundation for further growth.

It is not without reason that DIEWE has now become one of the leading European specialists for diamond tools with a global distribution network. In addition, the sister company DIEWE WHEELS was founded in 2011. The aluminium rim specialist now generates an annual turnover of almost EUR 10 million and has spun off into DIEWE Wheels GmbH.

From the Master Drive series to the DFX cutting blade – milestones in a success story

DIEWE’s success is closely linked to the company’s innovative product development. We would like to take a look back at the most important milestones in our history:

  • The Master Drive series: In contrast to the prevalent price drops on the tool market, DIEWE remained true to its line and established new blades in the premium segment with the Master Drive series in the mid-1990s. And with great success: as the first blade with overload protection, the series quickly made a name for itself and became known across many industries for its high quality.
  • The Twister Laser blade: The years following the turn of the millennium were shaped by major innovations. With the introduction of the Twister Laser blade as a new development of the Master Drive series, DIEWE was able to establish a unique combination of self-cooling and noise reduction on the market. At the same time, the development of the first punched blade in Germany became known for its extremely high cutting quality thanks to the new body.
  • The DFX diamond cutting blade: Another milestone in the company’s history is the development of the fastest diamond cutting blade in the world, the DFX series. The new, TÜV-tested development is also the first blade using hollow sphere corundum as a segment technology and is thus enjoying great success.