Individual training sessions and workshops for specialist retailers

At DIEWE, we know what makes our diamond tools so special and which blade is suitable for which application. We offer individual training sessions and workshops so that our retailers can proficiently pass on this knowledge to the end customer and strengthen their sales strategy.

We offer these on our premises or on site for you – as part of our extensive training sessions, we’ll enlighten you on the advantages and special characteristics of diamond tools with practical examples and explanations of the manufacturing process. Practical tips and tricks about the right application enable you to support customers with their projects in a useful and professional manner.

At the same time, we can strengthen your expertise in many other important areas such as handling complaints as well as safety when handling machines and tools.

Our training service range

Our training sessions and workshops are designed to enable you as a specialist retailer to convey the benefits of the products in an application-oriented and customer-friendly way. You will find an overview of our comprehensive training service range below:

  • Safety training for handling our products
  • Practical consultation support: Which blade is suitable for which area of application?
  • Information about important standards and regulations
  • Easy-to-grasp instructions for the correct usage of tools and machinery
  • Practical explanation of typical application mistakes
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining diamond tools
  • Useful advice regarding handling complaints, processing of sample complaints
  • Materials science and information about the manufacturing process

Our training sessions and workshops are always adapted according to your product range and your sales strategy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.