The right diamond tool for every user

Our diamond tools are used across many industries for a wide range of applications. Whether your work involves cutting, grinding, drilling or milling, on concrete, iron, tiles, glass or wood – the range of applications for DIEWE diamond tools is highly diverse.

In order to satisfy the wide range of applications in every respect and always offer customers the best value for money, we introduced a user-friendly quality classification. Under the key words Basic, Standard, Premium and Super Premium, you will find the exact diamond tool that suits your individual needs, depending on your technical requirements.

DIEWE Basic – quality tool for medium-level cutting work

The diamond tools classified ‘Basic’ are intended for use in a home workshop. The high-quality sintered tools are well suited for medium-level cutting work and thanks to their efficient and sleek operation, they boast an excellent service life. If you are looking for the best value for money in the low budget range, you will be very satisfied with DIEWE Basic products. True to the motto ‘Do it yourself’, the Basic range is ideal for ambitious DIY enthusiasts.

DIEWE Standard – high quality for high loads

For medium and large cutting tasks, we recommend our Standard range diamond tools. DIEWE Standard diamond tools are very popular among craftspeople due to their high quality standards. Our products in this range impress users by proving that professional quality is also available at a reasonable price.

DIEWE Premium – highest quality for professional standards

The diamond tools in the Premium range are laser-welded, making them ideal for long-term professional use. Professional users particularly appreciate the impressive cutting performance and the long service life of the tools. These enable best performance in challenging projects and ensure high productivity levels.

As a new innovation in the Premium segment, we have introduced the stainless-steel diamond cutting blade, which is an attractive alternative to the textile cutting blade and enables a long service life with the same cutting depth and maximum safety.

DIEWE Super Premium – professional quality for the highest standards

The Super Premium diamond tools round off our product portfolio at the top end and meet the highest cutting performance and service life standards. The laser-welded segments have an impressively high diamond density and quality – they withstand even the highest loads and enable innovative user concepts for the best performance. The Super Premium range targets ambitious professional users who do not want to compromise on quality.